It’s Autumn in Waukesha County Wisconsin and the leaves are changing

Driving along the roads one sees the corn being sold out of the back of trucks. The many pumpkin stands au1are prevalent in the Waukesha County Real Estate market. Indian corn everywhere, apple cider for sale, lots of fall produce being distributed and bought at an alarmingau2 rate. The beauty is in the majestic change in tree color and it’s brilliance cannot go without notice. It’s absolutely spectacular. Wisconsin truly is an amazing state to see fall. The beautiful fields, the wildlife, the farms and barns, the colors dancing from trees to trees, and the pristine and the translucence of the water that surrounds you. It’s all right here. Stalks of corn sitting next to pumpkins on display. Bakery specials and more. Large amounts of geese and ducks making their start on their progression to climates that are warmer and light last longer so they can have the amount of food they need to metabolize their required day intake. Have a great fall and Happy Autumn to those in Wisconsin and everywhere else.

sunset over waukesha county farm

Have a productive day and I will see you at closing!

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I am a full service real estate agent in Waukesha County Wisconsin servicing Dealfield Wisconsin and the rest of the lake country.
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